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Composable commerce is the next evolution in digital commerce technology. It moves away from slow-to-update, inflexible monolithic systems, embracing a modular, component-based design. This approach empowers businesses to 'compose' tailor-made shopping experiences by selecting and integrating the best components for their unique needs.

Companies like Sephora, Ulta Beauty and BMW choose commercetools because they require more flexibility and scalability from their digital business, but with higher efficiency and lower costs.

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CORE COMPOSABLE TRAITS How do you know if a composable commerce system is really composable?

A composable solution is much more than the ability to integrate different components from best-of-breed vendors. For a commerce system to be truly composable, it must combine 3 core traits: Cloud-native, component-based and tech-agnostic. Together, they deliver the real magic of infinite scale, unlimited flexibility and reduced costs for businesses to innovate, become adaptable and grow. 

If the vendor is cloud-hosted, claims API coverage or doesn't give freedom to use any development language and cloud provider, their technology is not composable and lacks the benefits of a composable environment.  

Your business on cloud nine

Leverage the full power of cloud-native SaaS to achieve exceptional scalability and reduced costs. Boost online performance to convert more and faster.

Best-of-breed = Best-for-you

Plug and play independent and interchangeable components to meet the unique needs of your business, adjust to new market conditions, create omnichannel customer journeys and more.

Freedom of engineering

Say goodbye to proprietary technologies that require specific programming languages and certifications. Composable commerce gives you the freedom to code and manage applications as you see fit.

reduced IT costs of managing SaaS operations as a result of composable application architectures by 2024
uplift in total revenue for organizations offering a unified commerce experience by 2025
of new commerce capabilities will be API-centric products

INFINITE SCALE | LIMITLESS FLEXIBILITY | LOWER COST Take your commerce further, faster

Tackle constant change and achieve continuous growth with the flexibility and freedom of composable commerce. Break free from legacy technology to create innovative customer experiences and quickly adapt to your business needs effortlessly.    

  • Stay on top of customer expectations: new features and experiences delivered up to 8x faster
  • Scale and expand with no limits: New regions, markets and brands are launched via one composable commerce platform.
  • Increase online performance with autoscaling and monetize on planned and unplanned traffic peaks.
  • Unlock unlimited flexibility and agility to meet the evolving needs of your business: Change components, not the platform.
  • Create unique customer experiences that boost LTV (lifetime value), loyalty and new revenue streams.
  • No upgrades. No maintenance fees. No re-platforming. Ever.
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Composable commerce 101

What leading businesses say about composable commerce

“We wanted customers to be able to pick samples during the checkout process and those samples to match what they had bought, for example, a shade of eyeshadow appropriate to the color of lipstick. This level of personalization is only possible with composable commerce.”
— Jay Jetley, Chief Technical Architect, Trinny London

Trinny London Story
Trinny London Story

“You need to have the agility to adapt to your changing requirements and needs. I believe that the MACH approach suits that quite well. If we are thinking about 2… 3… 4 years into the future, we need to be prepared in case something changes, for example, in customer behavior or connecting to IoT. If we would have built the system with a traditional monolith eCommerce system, we would have lost that agility for the future. This is why we chose composable architecture.”
— Pekka Jaarinen, Director of Digital Services, Normet

Normet Story
Normet Story

“We felt like the composable, MACH, headless model gave us the right amount of flexibility while still giving us a stable core of things that need to work — like cart and checkout that just need to work. They’re not really rocket science; they’re plug and play.”
— Alex Shiferman, CTO, Nuts.com

Nuts.com Story
Nuts.com Story

The backbone of composable commerce: MACH® architecture The technology under the hood

How do you implement a composable commerce approach for your brand? Thanks to the combined technologies behind MACH®, you can make it happen. 

  • Microservices-based: As granular and independent services, microservices make it easy to implement new features, touchpoints and more.
  • API-first: Bridge the dialog between your frontends and a centralized backend with APIs.
  • Cloud-native: Commerce services hosted in the cloud eliminate server dependencies while enabling automatic updates and auto-scaling.
  • Headless commerce: Architecture that decouples customer-facing frontends from internal backend operations provides maximum flexibility and speed.
All about MACH® architecture
All about MACH® architecture

Compose your commerce with commercetools The #1 leader in composable commerce

Access a library of 300+ commerce APIs with proven success from brands across B2B, B2C and D2C. No matter the industry you’re in, commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend is the right choice for brands with ambitious plans for growth.  

With our best-in-class ecosystem of 175+ partners across EMEA, US and APAC, you can compose unique customer experiences that are fast, flawless and future-proof. 

Learn how you can get started with commercetools, a leader in digital commerce recognized by Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Paradigm B2B.

Composable Commerce Cheat Sheet
Composable Commerce Cheat Sheet

Composable Commerce for B2B

Composable commerce enables B2B businesses to leverage best-of-breed building blocks and combine them according to their unique requirements, allowing them to make customer-friendly experiences in B2B a reality, adapt to constant change, automate time-consuming processes, and innovate faster. By investing in composable commerce, B2Bs can boost revenue streams, reduce total costs of ownership, expand to new geographies easily, and adopt new business models such as direct-to-consumer (D2C).

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REPLATFORMING TO COMPOSABLE COMMERCE Migrate to commercetools in 7 steps

How can you move from a monolithic platform to a composable tech stack? Is it possible to leave a legacy solution behind and embrace the possibilities of modern tech? What are the migration steps you should prepare for? 

This guide shows you how to transition to a composable commerce platform in 7 steps while minimizing organization disruption.

Migrate to composable commerce
Migrate to composable commerce

Unpacking the differences Monolithic vs. Headless vs. Composable vs. MACH® Architecture

Get a better understanding of the key differences between monolithic, headless, composable, and MACH® architecture in this comprehensive guide to digital commerce. Discover how composable commerce takes a step beyond headless by adopting a component-based solution design approach, enabling companies to tailor their technology stack and deliver a unique customer experience.

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