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commercetools Partners Possibility Program

About the Possibility Program

The commercetools Partner Possibility Program offers an expanding set of resources to support system integrators, agencies and other service providers in discovering, developing and implementing commercetools projects. It also offers the potential to create and execute bespoke, market-leading joint value propositions. Through access to training, support and an active community of commerce experts, commercetools partners can deepen their expertise and become leaders in the next generation of commerce.

Ranking commercetools as a Leader in 2020, according to Forrester: “(commercetools) gives its customers a commerce platform for building visionary commerce experiences at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build in-house.” We may be the fastest growing commerce platform, but we rely on our partners to build next-generation commerce solutions for our customers. We are, and always have been, a partner-first organization and are excited for the journey ahead with the market leaders we work with.

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Program Structure and Achievement Levels for System Integrators

ISVs provide complementary solutions that can be integrated into the commercetools platform. More information can be Systems integrators (SIs) / agencies provide implementation and consulting services, and are responsible for implementing commercetools for customers and guiding them on their digital journey.

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commercetools’ Partner Possibility Program includes 3 tiers, providing systems integrators the opportunity to achieve higher levels of partnership by meeting specific program requirements. Associated benefits (marketing, sales and enablement)­ are aligned to each tier.

The partnership tiers are only applicable to SIs and agencies and are as follows: 


The Registered level is for new partners as they start their relationship with commercetools. Partners at this level are required to meet a base level of program requirements and can benefit from a certain number of benefits of the partner program. All partners at this level can and are encouraged to develop the partnership further.


The Select level is for existing partners as they drive their relationship with commercetools further. It enables existing partners to develop their commercetools-related activities and demonstrate industry expertise. There are a higher number of requirements and benefits that are associated with a Select partnership.


Premier level partners have demonstrated a commitment to developing a long-term relationship with commercetools and have built a substantial commercetools-related practice. Partner requirements at this level are higher than the previous level, but there are also considerable benefits. Please ask your partner manager for more information on the partner levels.

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Independent Software Vendors

ISVs provide complementary solutions that can be integrated into the commercetools platform. More information can be found at our Solution Center.