The Composable Commerce Cheat Sheet

The Composable Commerce Cheat Sheet

The Composable Commerce Cheat Sheet

About the Cheat Sheet

Sell composable commerce to business peers in five steps.

Are you a technical expert dreaming of a composable commerce solution but don’t know how to convince your business peers?  

This cheat sheet helps you create a compelling story in five steps. All the benefits of composable commerce are translated into business speak, including inspiring soundbites and metrics from commercetools customers. 

Key Takeaways

  • What’s composable commerce and why business leaders should consider it. 

  • Five steps to creating a compelling story about composable commerce with the business audience in mind. 

  • Top reasons and benefits to implementing composable commerce. 

  • How composable commerce helps B2B and B2C businesses increase revenue and operational efficiency. 

  • commercetools credentials as a leader in composable commerce, attested by multiple market analysts.

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