Possibilities for D2C

Move faster, connect closer and communicate smarter with your D2C customers

Build resilient, direct online relationships with customers now to strengthen and grow your business far in the future.

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commercetools commerce possibilities D2C online relationships with customers

Offer your D2C customers one-of-a-kind experiences that set your brand apart

Lure and monetize shoppers by enriching the shopping experience in the newest, most innovative ways. With new technologies and social channels constantly emerging, you can get onboard fast, ensuring customers notice your brand and it stands out from the competition.

Start Your Composable Commerce Journey
commercetools commerce possibilities D2C innovative ways of shopping experiences
Engage with social-based commerce

Leverage social media with digital commerce to engage existing customers and capture new shoppers.

Build a strong omnichannel system

Create online shopping encounters anywhere your customers connect.

Cut through the noise

Set yourself apart from competitors with experiences that are aligned with your brand identity and values.

Profit from the ownership of customer data

Gain intimate knowledge of your customers along with invaluable insights to drive your innovation strategy. When you integrate your platform with commercetools, you own the data of each customer that interacts with your digital commerce channel.

commercetools commerce possibilities D2C Ownership of Customer Data

Nimbly adapt to fast-evolving expectations

Thanks to commercetools' agile, microservices-based architecture, you remain one step ahead of the competition while proving to your customers you can respond to their needs and suggestions immediately.

commercetools commerce possibilities D2C immediate response to customer needs & suggestions
Now that we have a modern headless platform, this is where the real fun starts, where we can enable omnichannel features and functionalities. This points to doing a lot of things right.
Tomas Antvorskov Krag

Director eCommerce, Bang & Olufsen

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Solve D2C pain points Going from manufacturing to D2C means
transforming SKUs into experiences

There is so much more to being a D2C retailer than just having a web shop. commercetools is a solution designed to solve the challenges that come from building a brand-new digital ecosystem.

Stack your tech with composable commerce

Implement all the new functionalities you need from product catalogues to cart and order management.

Grow smoothly with scalable technologies

Have your visitors multiplied? No matter the numbers, your commerce’s performance will never falter.

Connect with new touchpoints

Easily unite your commerce system with other touchpoints such as AR/VR and IoT applications.

How to easily migrate in 3 steps

01 Build a migration roadmap

commercetools Home Build Migration Roadmap List important milestones, deliverables, and a timeline. There are 3 areas which are the basis for the roadmap: data, business logic, and UI/UX.

02 Extract, import and verify data

commercetools Home Extract, import & Verify Data Our extremely flexible data model allows for real-time updates to its structure. Extract the data you want, and import it into commercetools by calling the appropriate APIs.

03 Customize your commerce

commercetools Home Customize your Commerce Customize or build your own features and functionality using our easily extensible solution to create the exact commerce experience your business wants to give customers.