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Propel your B2C eCommerce experience to new heights

Improve every aspect of how your B2C platform looks, feels, and performs through headless commerce.

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commercetools commerce possibilities B2C Improve B2C eCommerce

Seize the attention of your customers with extra engaging experiences

What makes a B2C commerce experience successful? It's all about how easy it is for your customers to discover, learn about, and purchase your products, all while differentiating yourself from competitors. 

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commercetools commerce possibilities B2C Engaging Experience
Stand out from the crowd

Unlike out-of-the-box platforms, with commercetools you can customize your frontend to better reflect your brand.

Adopt new sales channels

Meet your customers at every touchpoint they shop on a single platform today — and in the future.

Create content-rich websites

Customize content experiences with the headless, modular commercetools Frontend solution.

Gain the freedom to experiment

A/B tests can easily be carried out to analyze specific parts of a website to increase conversion rates find out how the latest AI technology can help make buying processes smarter and more efficient without affecting backend operations.

commercetools commerce possibilities B2C Easy to Experiment

Design customer experiences that inspire brand loyalty

Customer experience is key to their loyalty. Having complete creative control over the environments your customers engage enables you to win them over by delivering the consistent brand encounters they demand today.

commercetools commerce possibilities B2C Designing the Customer Experiences
Our customers are at the core of what we’re doing, so we’d like to focus on building a unique shopping experience. As a scalable cloud solution, commercetools takes care of all the background commerce processes without us having to worry about updates and maintenance.
Ronan Tighe

Chief Product Officer, Moonpig

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Leave B2C pain points behind Forget the traditional challenges that come with maintaining web shops

Escape the frustrations that come with managing B2C digital commerce platforms – from slow page loading times and glitches during big shopping days, to uniting multiple countries and brands under one roof.

Say goodbye to downtime

Scaling issues due to shopping peaks like Black Friday simply do not happen anymore.

Optimize your shopping cart

Fast and seamless purchasing ensure maximum customer conversions.

Win global audiences

Easily support multiple brands, languages, and currencies on one commerce solution.

How to easily migrate in 3 steps

01 Build a migration roadmap

commercetools Commerce possibilities for eCommerce Building Migration Roadmap List important milestones, deliverables, and a timeline. There are 3 areas which are the basis for the roadmap: data, business logic, and UI/UX.

02 Extract, import and verify data

commercetools Commerce possibilities for eCommerce Extract import & verify data Our extremely flexible data model allows for real-time updates to its structure. Extract the data you want, and import it into commercetools by calling the appropriate APIs.

03 Customize your commerce

commercetools Commerce possibilities for eCommerce Customize your commerce Customize or build your own features and functionality using our easily extensible platform to create the exact commerce experience your business wants to give customers.