HCL Commerce Cloud Migration
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How to Migrate from HCL Commerce Cloud to commercetools

by commercetools

How to Migrate from HCL Commerce Cloud to commercetools

About the White Paper

How brands and retailers can move from a monolithic commerce platform to commercetools

"How to Migrate from HCL Commerce Cloud to commercetools" serves as a comprehensive replatforming guide for developers, architects and their teams. In this white paper, we emphasize a strategic project management approach that encompasses business process evaluation, team reorganization and adherence to best practices. 

Throughout the migration journey, we underscore the critical importance of rigorous testing, vigilant monitoring and effective communication. We advocate for a phased approach that leverages the strangler pattern, enabling the gradual and independent introduction of new microservices.

Key Takeaways

  • An in-depth analysis of why HCL Commerce Cloud can no longer meet the requirements of enterprise businesses.
  • Why the composable, MACH®-based architecture of commercetools is the best solution for flexibility, scalability and lower TCO.
  • Project management and technical implementation best practices for a successful migration from HCL Commerce Cloud to commercetools.

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