white paper benefits of headless commerce
White Paper

Benefits of a Headless Commerce Platform

by Bloomreach and commercetools

commercetools White Paper: Benefits of Headless Commerce

About the White Paper

Drive innovation and increase agility by decoupling your applications

In the era of digital commerce, customer behavior is constantly changing, so that businesses have to adapt their organizational and technological strategies to tackle emerging demands and seize opportunities. Brands and retailers, therefore, need to grow their digital business in a time where customer journeys are increasingly fragmented and new touchpoints are emerging. In this context, “headless” commerce solutions – in which the customer-facing frontend is decoupled from the backend layer – are becoming the best option. 

With a headless approach to commerce, organizations are able to build personalized customer experiences, gain the freedom to experiment, increase their agility and scale more efficiently. Discover all the benefits and how such an approach looks in practice in this white paper.

Key Takeaways

  • Why more and more brands are adopting headless commerce. 

  • How headless commerce enables personalized customer experiences and ideal UIs.

  • How sites can be optimized and new strategies rolled out at an industry-leading speed.

  • How to seamlessly add new touchpoints.


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