ebook with epam on b2b commerce

Critical Insights B2B Businesses Can Leverage from B2C Success

by EPAM and commercetools

commercetools White Paper: Critical insights B2B business can leverage from B2C success

About the eBook

B2B vs. B2C

There’s broad agreement that translating B2C digital commerce principles to the B2B landscape would improve customer experience and create operational efficiencies. But B2B businesses have traditionally faced many unique complexities that made this a challenging task – things like product complexity and a more involved path to purchase. The good news is, now that both the B2C and B2B marketplace have undergone a digital transformation, advances in technology are breaking down many of the perceived barriers to creating a great B2B experience.

In this comprehensive new eBook, commerce experts from our partner EPAM share valuable strategies for getting to know your customers, focusing on the right features and content, and being an agent of change – all of which help guide B2B businesses through a successful digital transformation.

Key Takeaways

  • Why B2B has traditionally fallen behind when it comes to creating frictionless digital experiences.

  • Why this shift is happening now. 

  • The elements of B2B eCommerce that are right for your organization.

  • Key features to consider for delivering B2B digital experiences.

  • How to get started on your transformation journey.


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