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Is AI the Long-awaited Solution to the $3 Trillion Data Problem in B2B eCommerce?

Master B2B & commmercetools

The risks and rewards of embracing AI to deliver better B2B buyer experiences

Experts debate whether AI is ready for prime-time

In the live session hosted by Master B2B at B2B Online, industry experts debated the readiness of AI for solving the data problem in B2B e-commerce. The panelists discussed the potential for inaccuracy in AI, its integration with existing systems and its impact on company culture. 

While AI is not perfect and does present some risks, the audience said yes to embracing AI to help accelerate processes and improve customer service. Ultimately, the consensus was, that you can’t let perfection stand in the way of progress.

Key takeaways

  • Best practices for using AI to support your business operations
  • Challenges and solutions to help B2Bs integrate AI with legacy systems
  • The importance of governance in implementing AI strategies within your organization

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