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When the research firm coined the term "composable commerce" in 2020, it predicted the approach would drive the future of application development. At the time, commercetools had already been applying its key principles— including MACH™ technologies — to create modern commerce solutions for major global brands.

Composable Commerce Insights

Organizations that adopt a composable approach by 2023 will outpace their competition by 80% in the speed of feature implementation.

— "Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications" Gartner report, June 2020

The majority of large and medium-sized enterprises will have composability as a key criteria for new application planning by 2024.

— “How to Design Enterprise Applications That are Composable by Default” Gartner report, April 2021

The mantra for new SaaS will be “composable API-first and API-only,” relegating traditional SaaS vendors as “legacy.”

— “Becoming Composable: A Gartner Trend Insight Report” Gartner, refreshed January 2023

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