Select. Configure. Run. Easy composable integrations at your fingertips.

Speed up time to market and make integrations even easier with low-code connectors


Why commercetools Connect The easiest way to add new components

Leading eCommerce websites use dozens of technologies, including marketing automation, campaign management, AI-enhanced search and more, to craft wow-worthy shopping experiences. With commercetools Connect, seamlessly integrating such components into a composable platform becomes remarkably effortless. Now you can use and customize third-party integrations quickly — and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are securely hosted in a scalable and robust environment.

Fastest speed

Accelerate time to market for initial setup and all future integrations

Highest productivity

Free your DevOps from configuration and infrastructure provisioning headaches

Strongest resilience

Maintain peace of mind with the unshakeable stability of your connectors

commercetools Connect is groundbreaking for commercetools merchants. It removes all DevOps headaches related to infrastructure provisioning, configuration and maintenance — and makes it possible to go live with an integration in minutes, all while preserving a merchant’s ability to make code-level customizations if needed.
Mike Parker

Senior Director of Solution Architecture, Klaviyo

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Talon.One is committed to helping top brands stand out and expand their business using composable technology. We're thrilled to be a launch partner for commercetools Connect and make the benefits of composable commerce accessible like never before.
Christopher Mills

Chief Revenue Officer, Talon.One

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We’re honored to be named the preferred marketplace partner for commercetools Connect. Our partnership will radically accelerate commercetools' customers’ ability to enable range extension or curated marketplace capabilities, deliver them faster and still be able to take advantage of all of the flexibility of the commercetools platform.
Jason Wyatt

CEO and Co-Founder, Marketplacer

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commercetools Connect amplifies synergy between commercetools and Voucherify, bringing in new technological advancements focusing on delivery speed, performance and reliability. All of this is based on our long-standing principle — putting the developer experience first.
Tomasz Pindel

CEO, Voucherify

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We are excited to see commercetools’ next phase of innovation powering composable commerce with commercetools Connect. Composable by definition needs composing. Having a defined pattern of integration and robust infrastructure will increase customers' confidence in their chosen solution(s) and ultimately realize a faster time to value leveraging out-of-the-box connections between products like Fluent OMS.
Chad Hooker

SVP, Global Channel & Alliances, Fluent Commerce

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NewStore and commercetools are committed to helping retail brands thrive in an increasingly complex commerce landscape, and Connect is directly addressing one of the primary challenges these organizations face today. For any retailer looking to leverage the NewStore Omnichannel-as-a-Service offering, Connect can significantly reduce operational overhead, risk, and implementation effort.

This faster route to success not only empowers retailers to deliver innovative mobile-first experiences but also sets the stage for future growth and innovation.
Stephan Schambach

Founder and CEO, NewStore

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lower integration effort
guaranteed performance and uptime SLA for all connectors
types of connectors: Pre-built, enhanced or fully custom


For developers
Freedom & speed

Easily launch pre-built integrations or create fully custom ones.

For business users
Ease & autonomy

Easily toggle components on and off and don’t depend on your tech teams.

For tech leaders
Security & resilience

Never worry about your connectors’ security and performance.

WHAT’S INSIDE Amplify your integrations’ flexibility, delivery speed and performance

commercetools Connect is an integration framework with performant and reliable plug-and-play connectors powered, hosted and validated by commercetools

Hosted, pre-built integrations

speeding up time to market

Standardized integration

reducing development costs and improving productivity

Managed runtime environment

ensuring API execution stability