Business Tooling

The Merchant Center is the command base for commercetools APIs and Microservices where all products, catalogs and business projects are managed. It offers back office tooling at its best.

commercetools Features Business Tooling

Main benefit of the feature Scale data and processes with changing market conditions

The commercetools Merchant Center is made precisely for managing the data and processes that are the backbone of your daily commerce. An intuitive user interface helps you complete your daily tasks quickly and easily.

All your business metrics at a glance

You have access to a comprehensive overview of your business metrics, all at-a-glance with interactive visualizations.

Products, Orders & Shipping
One click to view, sort, and manage

Take care of key commerce data - like order totals, carts and orders - and process orders from end to end easily and quickly.

Customer Management
All the complexity made easy

Manage all customer data, including signups, groups, and order history on a user-friendly address book style interface.

Store and Channel Management
The center to model and maintain channels

Set up and maintain every sales outlet – channels, stores, and touchpoints – as well as how you sell, from one place.

Discount Handling
Discount codes, groups, promotion rules, and more

Manage advanced discount management capabilities across all your retail channels from one place.

Project and Organizations
Powerful project management for all your teams

Teams can create distinct sets of product data and store configuration settings to support specific projects.

Merchant Center What is possible with this feature?

The center of your commerce backend

The Merchant Center is the heart of your commerce data, bringing the ability to view, manage, and audit what goes into your customer experience from a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface that’s suitable for both business and tech stakeholders.

commercetools Features Business Tooling Merchant Center

Configure and customize a productive workspace

Every business has different priorities and needs. That’s why the Merchant Center is extremely customizable. Whether you want to create unique dashboard widgets or specify how data is filtered and sorted,  it allows you to set up the most productive workspace for your teams.

commercetools Features Business Tooling Configure & Customize

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