Sharper Image customer story
Sharper Image Customer Story

How Sharper Image moved from periodic release cycles that took weeks to instantaneous updates.

Customer Possibility Story of how Sharper Image's new digital platform can be  scaled with no down-time and instantly updated when needed
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Be it a portable drive-in movie theatre, a towel warmer or golf ball finding glasses, you can find innovative home electronics and any other high-tech lifestyle product you could possibly imagine – and beyond – at Sharper Image. Originally launched in 1977, in 2009 Sharper Image entered a new era, evolving from a popular retailer into a cutting-edge retail brand. helps customers quickly and easily research and purchase the latest products, while continuing to run a thriving direct-to-consumer catalog business.
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The Challenge

Sharper Image required a migration from their rigid monolith in order to successfully handle traffic peaks, accelerate release cycles, and operate in a truly agile manner. They also wanted the flexibility of a composable best-of-breed solution that would precisely fit their business needs.

We’re entering the mindset of being able to easily choose the technology and SaaS vendors we work with and what we can accomplish versus asking IT if something is possible and knowing it’s going to be difficult on an old system. The question becomes ‘When will we do this’ instead of just not being able to do it or discussing all of the challenges.
Mihaela Mazzenga

CTO, Sharper Image & MACH Alliance Ambassador

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The Solution

The ability to effortlessly scale during traffic peaks and with business growth, as well as the flexibility that headless commerce innately offers – that’s why Sharper Image chose commercetools for their backend. In the frontend, Sharper Image went with the Moovweb XDN platform, as well as a headless orchestration solution.

Why it was a success

The Sharper Image digital platform easily handled the holiday shopping rush with no downtime and increased their release cycles from weeks to instantly. Plus, they can choose any third-party vendor they want to work with without any restrictions.

Sharper Image's digital commerce can effortlessly scale during traffic peaks and aids business growth

commercetools features for Sharper Image


Over 20 million complex discount codes are active for a variety of product types.

100% Headless

API-only integration with Contentful CMS enables limitless customization.


Import very large catalog and category trees with ease.

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