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Express customer case story
Express Customer Story

How Express went from releasing updates every 2 to 3 months to multiple releases a week.

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Express is one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands, specializing in women’s and men’s young adult apparel and accessories in multiple lifestyles. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Express has recently positioned itself at the forefront of fashion and technology.
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The Challenge

The existing monolith platform stood in the way of Express' potential growth. They needed a new commerce architecture that facilitated the development of innovative solutions and could adapt to consumer behavior and their changing buying needs.

The commercetools microservices, API-based, headless approach makes us faster. We went from releasing updates every 2 to 3 months to multiple releases a week. This helps us meet the needs of the business and keep up with market demands.
Brendan Gualdoni

VP of Enterprise Architecture, Commerce and Integration, Express

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The Solution

Express had been incrementally replacing their Oracle ATG platform with headless components, which required reviewing the market for the most appropriate digital commerce solution. This ultimately led them to choosing the pioneers of headless commerce: commercetools. The final commerce system was hosted on an AWS cloud infrastructure, which led to a 99.99% uptime and more modern cloud capabilities, as well as higher security and availability.

Why it was a success

In 2020, a promotion unexpectedly went viral, resulting in 3x the traffic of their largest Black Friday sale. Express was aware of this, not because of any degradation, but because they received alerts that the systems were auto-scaling. There was no slowdown on the site.

Additionally, Express' pace of innovation has dramatically increased while reducing risk thanks to their MACH approach. In the 3 months leading to Black Friday, Express made 5 major changes to their digital experience: not only was Klarna added for payments, they also added a new version of the BOPUS feature, significantly improved product detail pages, rebranded and restructured their loyalty program and integrated Stylitics Outfitting throughout their site.

Last update, January 2023

Express' new commerce platform caters to innovation while reducing the risks

commercetools features for Express

Endless Aisle

In-store kiosks allow customers to browse and order products that are not available in the store.

PIM (Product Information Management)

Inventory, pricing and promotions are updated in real-time across all sales channels.


Implemented fixed-price promotions as a custom feature.

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