Introducing commercetools Foundry Blueprint for B2B Manufacturing

Faster time to value for composable commerce starts here: Introducing commercetools Foundry Blueprint for B2B Manufacturing

Julia Rabkin
Julia Rabkin
Senior B2B Product Expert, commercetools
Published 19 April 2024
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Earlier this year, we introduced commercetools Foundry, a pre-composed solution that comes with key commerce components and tailored resources. commercetools Foundry streamlines composable commerce implementations, making it easy for businesses to launch their stores and get to all the benefits of composable commerce faster. We started by making this solution available for B2C retailers; building upon this success, we’re excited to present our pre-composed commerce solution for B2B Manufacturing. Here, get an overview of what this solution has in store for your business. 

Introducing commercetools Foundry Blueprint for B2B Manufacturing

With 81% of executives in the manufacturing industry agreeing that it’s more urgent to innovate in the digital space in 2024 than in the past five years, it’s evident why manufacturers are placing a premium on digital commerce investments. After all, B2B buyers from all kinds of businesses now have escalating expectations for omnichannel and digitally-driven purchasing experiences. This trend is fueling a renaissance of eCommerce within the B2B sector, which is essential for much-needed growth after years of mounting economic pressures and changing buyer expectations. 

The imperative to modernize customer experiences has spurred manufacturers to invest in eCommerce, with the most forward-thinking utilizing flexible, composable technology to address present and future business needs. Despite the acknowledged benefits of composability, exemplified by industry leaders such as ACE Southern, Normet and Orbia Wavin demonstrating rapid implementations, many executives have misperceived composable commerce as an expensive, complex and slow-to-implement endeavor.

commercetools Foundry, a pre-composed solution with a clear, actionable Blueprint for B2B Manufacturing, tackles this challenge head-on by streamlining the adoption of composable commerce while accelerating time to value for manufacturers.

commercetools Foundry for B2B manufacturers

What’s inside: All the components to build and run outstanding purchasing experiences

commercetools Foundry Blueprint for B2B Manufacturing transforms your commerce vision into reality with a pre-composed solution that leverages the combined power of commercetools products into a flexible ready-to-run solution, so you can realize the benefits of composable faster. 

This comprehensive blueprint caters to the specific needs of B2B manufacturers, allied with tailored resources for timely implementation, such as: 

  • Best practice guides: Leverage commercetools’ expertise of 450+ composable implementations distilled into best practice guides, such as optimizing time to value, as well as integrating ERP and CPQ systems. 

  • AI-powered developer assistants: With an AI-powered assistant and Code Generator, it’s much easier for your engineering teams to find answers to commercetools-related questions. Plus, creating practical demo codes for common scenarios is now possible within seconds, like generating an API client or adding to a cart.  

  • Expert services: commercetools experts can help you expedite your implementation and time to value with personalized guidance offered by commercetools Expert Services.  

From the world-leading composable commerce platform combining the capabilities of Composable Commerce for B2B, commercetools Frontend and commercetools Connect, seamless integrations and store launchpads, you can start your new project with out-of-the-box components that work seamlessly together: 

  • With commercetools Composable Commerce for B2B, providing 500+ core commerce and B2B-specific APIs, you can enable and enhance B2B use cases, from Business Units management and Buyer Approval Flows to quote generation, negotiation and management. 

  • commercetools Frontend, a frontend-as-a-service (FEaaS) solution, allows you to develop, differentiate and deliver B2B digital storefronts at lightning speed. Plus, you can leverage a Store Launchpad for B2B Manufacturing, which provides a pre-built template comprising frontend components that utilize features from commercetools Composable Commerce and Frontend, meticulously crafted following digital commerce UX and UI best practices.

  • commercetools Connect provides easily pluggable, performant and reliable connectors for OMS, search, payments, PIM and more, hosted and validated by commercetools. 

Moreover, your commercetools Composable Commerce project comes with a B2B-specific sample data set designed to reflect realistic commerce use cases. This data simulates an example online shop specializing in heavy machinery and spare parts products. 

The purpose of the sample data is to help you explore all the capabilities of our composable commerce platform for B2B manufacturing and understand how B2B data can be modeled, as well as how it connects with frontend components, regardless of the type of products you sell. Once you’re familiar with the key concepts of working within the commercetools platform, you can remove the sample information and import your own data, kickstarting your implementation process. 

In short, this pre-composed solution guides you through initial project planning to implementation and future-proofing your commerce technology stack, giving you all the required resources and components every step of the way. The results: You can reduce implementation time by 30% and accelerate decision-making tenfold.

How to get started with commercetools Foundry for B2B Manufacturing

As B2B manufacturers face increasing pressure to modernize commerce rapidly — whether they’re transitioning from a monolithic/homegrown platform or digitizing for the first time — commercetools Foundry is the ideal solution for any business seeking expedited results coupled with the unparalleled flexibility, agility and scalability offered by composable technology.

This blueprint, along with its accompanying best practices guides, tools and more, serves as every manufacturer’s greatest ally in crafting the exceptional experiences B2B buyers anticipate, while simultaneously accelerating your commerce implementation and time to value.

Discover how commercetools Foundry makes composable commerce simpler and easier than ever! Get in touch with our commerce experts.  

Julia Rabkin
Julia Rabkin
Senior B2B Product Expert, commercetools

Julia is a Senior B2B Product Expert at commercetools. With over a decade of experience across product and marketing teams in the tech world, she is an expert at creating innovative, customer-first strategies, and excelling in cross-functional growth & GTM initiatives.

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