Introducing commercetools Connect: Revolutionizing the world of eCommerce integration

Introducing commercetools Connect: Revolutionizing the world of eCommerce integration

Ovidiu Cobzaru
Ovidiu Cobzaru
Product Marketing Manager - Technical Infrastructure & SI Alliances, commercetools
Published 27 September 2023
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In an era where seamless eCommerce integrations are the lifeblood of digital platforms, commercetools Connect emerges as a game-changer to amplify your integrations’ flexibility, delivery speed and performance.

Introducing commercetools Connect: Revolutionizing the world of eCommerce integration

In this fast-paced digital landscape, where competition is fierce and consumer expectations are ever-evolving, adaptability and innovation have become the cornerstones of success. For businesses to thrive and evolve, the ability to seamlessly integrate with partners, technologies and systems has become a necessity like never before. This is where commercetools Connect steps in.

Composable eCommerce integrations for the modern world

Traditionally, integrating new functions and technologies into existing ecosystems has been a cumbersome and time-consuming endeavor, requiring extensive development efforts, meticulous testing and often leading to unexpected roadblocks. With the composable commerce approach, integrations became simpler and more “natural” for businesses.

And now, with commercetools Connect and its arsenal of ready-to-use, low-code connectors, you can streamline integration processes even more. Integrating new components and functionalities is now a piece of cake, liberating businesses to focus their energies where it truly matters — delivering unmatched value to their customers.

Ready-to-use, low-code connectors: The easiest way forward

commercetools Connect comes with low-code connectors to ensure that integrating new functions is seamless and swift. Imagine plugging in new components, such as search, promotions, product catalog and more, and effortlessly constructing a stunning digital storefront that caters to your unique business needs. It's no longer a dream; it's the reality offered by commercetools Connect.

As businesses look to the future, the ability to adapt and innovate swiftly is their lifeline. commercetools Connect is their trusted ally, promising to accelerate the time to market for initial setup and all future integrations. 

Unlocking the power of integration: commercetools Connect's promise

Imagine a world where businesses can seamlessly connect with a vast array of partners, technologies and systems, all without the customary headaches and delays. This is the promise of commercetools Connect. With this product, businesses can amplify their integrations' flexibility, delivery speed and performance in ways that were previously unattainable.

The backbone of commercetools Connect is a comprehensive integration framework, bolstered by performant and reliable plug-and-play connectors. These connectors are not just tools; they are the building blocks of a new era in commerce. They are hosted, pre-built integrations that not only speed up time to value but also ensure standardized integration, reducing development costs and enhancing productivity.

Additionally, commercetools Connect offers a managed runtime environment, guaranteeing API execution stability. This level of robustness is essential in a world where even a minute of downtime can lead to significant losses.

In essence, commercetools Connect's guarantee is clear — to unlock the full potential of commerce in the digital age making integrations even simpler.

Partnerships that pave the way for the future

commercetools Connect isn't just a product; it's a partnership between commercetools and a roster of industry leaders. The collaboration with companies like Voucherify, Talon.One, and others ensures that this innovation will shape the future of eCommerce in profound ways.

We’re honored to be named the preferred marketplace partner for commercetools Connect. Our partnership will radically accelerate commercetools' customers’ ability to enable range extension or curated marketplace capabilities, deliver them faster and still be able to take advantage of all of the flexibility of the commercetools platform.
Jason Wyatt

CEO and Co-Founder, Marketplacer

commercetools Connect amplifies synergy between commercetools and Voucherify, bringing in new technological advancements focusing on delivery speed, performance and reliability. All of this is based on our long-standing principle — putting the developer experience first.
Tomasz Pindel

CEO, Voucherify

We are excited to see commercetools’ next phase of innovation powering composable commerce with commercetools Connect. Composable by definition needs composing. Having a defined pattern of integration and robust infrastructure will increase customers' confidence in their chosen solution(s) and ultimately realize a faster time to value leveraging out-of-the-box connections between products like Fluent OMS.
Chad Hooker

SVP, Global Channel & Alliances, Fluent Commerce

With these strategic partnerships, commercetools Connect is a gateway to an ecosystem of possibilities, where businesses can leverage the collective expertise of industry leaders to drive growth, innovation and customer satisfaction.

The power of commercetools Connect

How commercetools Connect is a game-changer for the future of commerce integrations:

  • 60% reduction in integration effort: Businesses can allocate resources where they matter most — delivering exceptional customer experiences

  • 99.9% guaranteed performance & uptime SLA: Downtime is the enemy of commerce in the digital age. commercetools Connect provides a rock-solid 99.9% guaranteed performance and uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all connectors. This level of reliability ensures that businesses can operate with confidence, knowing that their integrations are steadfast and dependable

  • Three types of connectors: Businesses can select from a spectrum of integration possibilities powered by commercetools Connect:

    • Pre-built connectors: For those seeking speed and simplicity, pre-built connectors are ready to launch out-of-the-box integrations, saving time and reducing complexity

    • Enhanced connectors: Businesses with specific requirements can opt for enhanced connectors, allowing for more tailored integrations that align perfectly with their unique goals and strategies

    • Fully custom connectors: For the utmost flexibility, commercetools Connect enables the creation of fully custom connectors. This empowers businesses to craft integrations that are precisely tuned to their needs, providing an unrivaled degree of control

3 types of connectors for eCommerce integrations

A universal tool for eCommerce

commercetools Connect is designed with the diverse needs of eCommerce stakeholders in mind:

  • For developers - Freedom & speed: Developers can find in commercetools Connect a playground of possibilities. They can effortlessly launch pre-built integrations for rapid deployment or embark on the journey of creating fully custom connectors that align with the business's unique vision. The result? Unprecedented freedom and speed in integration development.
  • For business users - Ease & autonomy: commercetools Connect liberates business users from dependency on tech teams. With the ability to effortlessly toggle components on and off, they gain autonomy in shaping their digital storefronts and customer experiences. No longer do they need to navigate complex tech jargon or wait for IT to initiate changes. The power is in their hands.
  • For tech leaders - Security & resilience: CTOs and tech leaders can rest easy with commercetools Connect. The solution offers an assurance of security and resilience that is paramount in the digital marketplace. There's no need to lose sleep over connectors' security and performance; commercetools Connect has it covered.

A brighter, connected future

With its exceptional ease of use, steadfast performance and remarkable flexibility,  commercetools Connect is poised to revolutionize the landscape of business integration in eCommerce.

In this transformative era of commerce, commercetools Connect takes the lead, empowering businesses to flourish with a managed runtime environment and secure hosting, providing the essential infrastructure for businesses to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

To learn more about integrating commercetools Connect into your composable tech stack, contact us today.

Ovidiu Cobzaru
Ovidiu Cobzaru
Product Marketing Manager - Technical Infrastructure & SI Alliances, commercetools

Ovidiu Cobzaru is a Product Marketing Manager focusing on the infrastructure of commercetools. Previously, Ovi held various marketing and enablement roles at multiple Forbes Top 20 technology companies. Today, he enjoys implementing a mix of technology and marketing initiatives to support a composable commerce future.

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